2013 Confederations Cup

01/09/2013 17:24

2013 Confederations Cup, hosted by Brazil to show regal head finals, which boosts the performance of many of the players are commendable, semifinals lore Uruguay Paulinho is one of them. Paulinho has become a big summer ball ShangXi spotlight. Corinthians cheap soccer jerseys club where he has confirmed Paulinho "is about to leave." As for his whereabouts, Tottenham is undoubtedly the biggest popular.


"Sky Sports" said juventus jerseyTottenham had to the Corinthians out of 20 million euros, and has been the latter's consent. Paulinho's contract with 20 million buyout clause, cheap soccer jerseysTottenham activate this clause Pakistan A powerhouse just have to accept. Corinthians club president Mario - kopeks - Filho issued a statement on the official website confirmed Paulinho leave a foregone conclusion.