Auto Tunes Free Download

06/02/2018 20:00

Auto Tunes Free Download

Auto Tunes Free Download

The world of music is probably one of the most demanded industries at the expense of the revenues it generates. Players in this industry, that is, artists, engineers and music manufacturers, thus, move at a speed to encompass use in the antares of autotuning. Like any other business, quality is the key to business success. This is where the Antares auto tuning comes in handy. Auto Tunes Free Download for professional music production. The tool is designed with the understanding that it is not entirely possible to find a singer with a beautiful voice or one that does not go blank. However, it is possible for singers with an ideal voice, simply using Antares "autotune". The hotel antares auto-tuning is an ideal tool for a wide range of music genres. From pop songs to hip-hop. Amateur musicians will also find the perfect tool, as it helps them sing like a pro. Auto tuning Antares is proud to be an instrument for millions of songs that have hit billboards in recent years. Moreover, this instrument was used by world-famous musicians who speak with their proven quality.

For more than 17 years, Antares has continued to improve its auto-tuning products. A new product on the market is the Antares Auto Tuning 8. One of its best features is a flexible setting and ultra-low latency monitoring. The Flex function offers a more natural and smooth correction step. On the other hand, the low Latency monitoring feature offers improved workflows during live performances and tracks.

Antares Auto-tuning version

  • Auto-adjustment Evo

  • Autotune 5

  • Auto-Tuning 7

  • Auto-tuning light version 6

  • Auto-Tuning 8

How auto tuning works

First of all, the singer must come up with a melody, which they sing like Auto tuning recording software. As a singer, the device can correct the pitch to say where the singer sounds fake. The device is designed to recognize the perfect hearing and therefore to correct the fake field automatically. In particular, the program is used not only to correct the vocals, but also solo instruments. After the tool detects from the key fields, the amplitude of the signal will vibrate and prompt the user for the desired field. Moreover, the tool works not only to fix the problems, but also works to fix tuning problems in solo instruments. This does not mean that the program creates a new melody, rather, it supports Original performance only by correcting their quality.

When using automatic mode, as in the auto-tuning antares 8, the user only needs to select the vocal range, the data from the key and the tool will do the rest. If you use graphical mode, the screen will display the waveforms in a graphical form, and the user can use various plug-ins tools to correct the signal with precision. At what speed of the function, the user determines how fast or slow they would like the correction step to be applied to the sound source. In this regard, the faster the parameters are used to correct the tone in short notes, and the slower parameters are used in pitch correction for long notes.

Key features Antares auto-tuning 8 crack

  • Flex - a melody as in antares autotune-8

  • Low latency monitoring

  • Seamless tone correction

  • In real time, tone correction

  • Easy to use interface

  • Plugin Tools

  • Excellent Pitch Management

  • Bypass Lock Button

  • Delete buttons

  • Midi Features

  • Adjustable speed adjustment function

  • Humanize functions

  • Time correction tools

  • Available in native version

  • Supports TDM version

  • Supports Auto mode and graphical mode


  • Easy to use. The tool is designed with an intuitive user interface. For example, the tool can detect off. In addition, users have a choice between automatic mode and in graphical mode. With graphical mode, the user can configure to reconfigure the speed functions by assigning a unique speed adjustment to a separate note.

  • Saves audio time and dramatically reduces editing time. It is more so, eliminating endless re-entry times, characteristic of the traditional way of producing music.

  • Hotel antares autotune 7 is available in the native version, which supports a variety of formats. In particular, autotune 7 supports VST, AU and RTS formats.


  • The tool is not able to solve problems with voice.

The final wording:

  • Hi, auto-tuning 8 crack is better for you.

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