Hill Climb Racing Cheats

06/02/2018 20:01

Hill Climb Racing Cheats

Hill Climb Racing Cheats is a 2D racing video game developed by Fingersoft. It was released on Google Play, and devices using the Apple iOS in 2012 and in Windows Phone on November 27, 2013. In the first year of release it was downloaded over 100 million times.[1] the game is more than 200 million players in July 2014. The object of the game is to collect coins while driving through the racing levels. Driving consumes gas or battery for electric powered vehicles, (even if you're not moving), that players can fill by picking up gas canisters or batteries along the way. The player can "die" in different ways, such as, if you run out of gas or hit the bar head on the ground, or the roof (in degrees, like a Cave). Coins may also be earned by performing "tricks", it's difficult maneuvers in the air, or by reaching set spaces by the given degrees. Coins can be spent on upgrades or to unlock new levels and vehicles. Different levels of different attributes, such as different gravity, traction, terrain (elevation) or obstacles to slow the player down.


  • The Garage was a new element of Hill Climb Racing was introduced in Version 1.31.0, and allowed players to make their own custom car based on the use of 'parts'.[3] and Therefore, Gems were also introduced, as a 'reward' of any kind. Gems can be found in the stage, in sight every second of the coin, unless it is a Gas canister. The Garage leads to the use of the Cards, which are used to unlock and upgrade parts. Initially, the Garage costs 300 gems to unlock. Gems can buy Breasts, which contain more cards of the four rarities, Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each custom role has the property, that's -50% fuel' or '+80% of power'. The gift chest is available for every new stage or car purchases, and usually contains about 3 cards. Free chest is available every 4 hours and usually contains about 5 cards. Free chest requires an Internet connection to say. Version 1.32.1 saw the introduction of Boosters. Boosters add a few seconds of the bait time to allow you to drive the extra meters, 30 gems each.


  • Hill Climb Racing 2 was released october 28th, 2016, the Google play store. The IOS version is released in December 2016. This version introduced the multiplayer, where four people compete in several tracks over the space to complete it in the fastest time. Performing well in a cup of boosts your rating, which is before the higher leagues and unlock new cups.

  • This feature 15 vehicles and 30 tracks. It has been downloaded 50 million times in Google Play Store.