Home Curb Appeal, Before and After

19/05/2014 09:16

When you are planning the home improvement project like kitchen renovation, you need to consider three main factors: Your lifestyle, The value of your equity and Protection of your investment. So how can you get the maximum benefits with minimum investment and what are the areas to focus to improve the curb appeal of your home. The following tips are surely adding the curb appeal to your home façade and interior at minimum investment.

home renovations
1.      Focus on the kitchen: Kitchen is the heart of the home, with the help of simple upgrade you can change the entire look of your kitchen. Here are a few tips: change the trim, upgrade accessories, repaint cabinets, paint half the cabinets for a high-contrast look, add sconces, work in rustic elements, add storage with simple shelves, use roman shades for a finished look, paint the floor, replace upper cabinet doors.
2.      Swap out the old lighting: Stylish new pendant lights can easily become the new focal point of the rooms. LED lights or daylight will give the brightness in rooms. The hand-blown glass pendants enhance the light with some beautiful and versatile choices. New lights either they are cool or warm, they are the excellent tip and it won’t break the bank.
3.      Improve the Front Door:  Façade is one of the significant areas to focus, stone and stucco combination is the best choice of today look. Nevertheless, upgrading your front door can be a drastic improvement to your home’s elevation.  Options include installing a whole new door, refinishing/ painting your existing door with a complimentary color/ stain, or adding decorative molding/ door surrender to the trim of the door.  Molding can make an entryway grander in scale and really pop from the rest of the house.  If these options are more than your budget or there are also time constraints, then you may try just changing the door hardware.  Going for a gold chrome finish to a brushed nickel can be just enough of a change to take ages off your basement renovations.
4.      Trim the home:  Alike to adding molding to your front door, windows and garages can also use the help of some decorative trim. Add crown molding, change baseboard and shoe molding are the options for you. Additionally, shutters can add character to the elevation.
5.      Exterior landscaping of the home:  By simply adding a new layer of mulch to your landscaping to updating the light fixtures, exterior decorative changes can truly go the distance.  As the fall season is upon us, the days will get shorter and those exterior lights will get more work.  Just like door hardware, going from outdated chrome to antiqued bronze light fixtures will take years off your home.  The style of the fixture is also important to pay your attention.
6.      Home staging: Interior design and staging is also a budget option for curb appeal. Designers magazines and fashion websites may give you the fresh ideas for staging and home interior designing.
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