How can be used voice broadcasting services easily?

02/04/2014 09:53

There was a time when a single-line voice communication was so overrated that it was considered the biggest invention. Now the rate of development is so high that we can actually send a single voice message to millions of people, all at the same time.
The “” site is a Voice-Based Marketing Automation service which provides this array without any hassles. Companies generally require advertising their efficient business through bulk SMS, voice broadcasting, etc. Voice broadcasts have proved to be a critical element in this field. People seem to believe the voice rather than believing a plain text reading in their own voice.
Every company tries to fill in this most essential field in a scarce budget and that is exactly where has a string to attach. It does all these services of appointment reminders, delivery confirmations, event promotions, reorders, accounts receivable collection, phone surveys, etc. at an unimaginable lower cost.

voice broadcasting (2) uses a cloud-based system where one simply needs to record a voice and mention the required numbers in a spreadsheet. Then the user just has to sit back and relax, all the work is done by the site, in seconds.

There are a certain key features of which underlines its efficiency.
• Message personalization with text-to-speech
User can fill in the recipient’s details with the text-to-speech feature and save the hard work.
• Interaction with IVR
IVR helps in adding interactive functionality to calls to collect information.
• Complete scheduling control
Access the complete Scheduling-Dashboard and schedule calls, texts, voice broadcasts as required.
• Live transfers
Waiting for a day or two in order to connect to the respective service is a headache. The live transfer helps in connecting with the agents live, in seconds, without wasting much time.
• Voicemail detection
When a user is on voicemail, the system auto-detects and transforms the voice broadcast into a voice mail broadcast.
• Real-time reporting
The real-time reporting protocol lets you access the voice message reports online.
• 100% on-time delivery guarantee
A scheduled voice broadcast never gets delayed. The accuracy is beyond the expectations.

The main reason why one should opt for and the surface it is different when compared to other services is that, does not charge for the calls attempted. It only charges for the calls answered. If someone gets deep and faces call transfers, the service only charges for one call, and not all the transferred calls. The real-time service helps in voice message reports without any charge.
This is by far the best voice-broadcast service to promote business, develop its range and prove its integrity.