Interactions Of valium

15/09/2014 11:33


The drug interactions might actually change how the medications work and increase the risk for the serious side effects. The document doesn’t have all the possible drug interactions. You need to keep the list of all these products that you use (which includes prescription or nonprescription drugs or herbal products) as well as share this with the doctor & pharmacist. Don’t start, stop and change drug dosage of medicines without the doctor's approval. Some of the products that might interact with the drug comprise of: some anti-depressants (fluvoxamine, fluoxetine, and nefazodone), clozapine, cimetidine, disulfiram, digoxin, ketoconazole, kava, omeprazole, levodopa, sodium oxybate and phenytoin. You need to tell the doctor and pharmacist in case you are taking drugs, which cause drowsiness like: antihistamines, which cause drowsiness (for example diphenhydramine), the anti-seizure medicine ( carbamazepine), drug for sleep (sedatives), narcotic pain relievers (codeine), muscle relaxants, psychiatric drugs (phenothiazines like chlorpromazine, and tricyclics like amitriptyline), or tranquilizers.

You can check out labels on all the medicines (for example cough & cold products) as they might have drowsiness buy valium causing ingredients. You can ask the pharmacist regarding safe use of the products. The product will affect results of some of the lab tests. Ensure that laboratory personnel as well as doctors know that you are using the drug. Smoking will decrease effectiveness of the drug (by liver enzyme induction). You need to tell the doctor in case you ever smoke and suppose you have stopped smoking as the drug dose might have to get adjusted.

Overdose of Drug

Suppose overdose is been suspected, contact the poison control center and emergency room instantly. US residents will call local poison center. Canada residents may call provincial poison center. The symptoms of the overdose might include: slowed and reduced reflexes, severe drowsiness, fainting, slowed breathing, loss for consciousness. Don’t share the medication with any other person. This is against law. Suppose the drug can be used for the extended time frame, laboratory or medical tests (for example liver function tests, blood count) might get performed periodically in order to check for the side effects. You can consult the doctor for little more details. The older adults might be very sensitive to side effects of the drug, particularly drowsiness or loss of the coordination. The side effects will increase risk of falling. The medication might as well affect elderly differently, and causing restlessness and mental or mood changes (like agitation and hallucinations) in place of calm.

The medication isn’t at all recommended for the use during the pregnancy because of potential for the harm to the unborn baby. Suppose you ever get pregnant and think that you are pregnant, then you need to inform the doctor right away. You can consult the doctor for little more details. The drug passes in the breast milk as well as might have the undesirable effects on the nursing infant. Thus, breastfeeding when using the medication isn’t recommended at all. You need to consult with the doctor before breastfeeding their baby.


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