Resoling of shoes for climbing

25/08/2015 12:12

Climbing shoes are basically some special sort of footwear, that are supposed to be designed for climbing rocks and mountains sometimes. Typically, the shoes for climbing are supposed to be having a close fit (in case of padding it is little); moreover, they are smooth and have a sole that is made up of a sticky type of rubbery material. There is an extended rand of rubber with the rubbery sole. Climbing shoes are not suitable for walking as well as for to go on tracks for hiking. They are supposed to be worn at the spot where the climbing is to be started. They need some care to be worn and climbing shoe resole is an important thing.

What actually resoling is?

In climbing shoe resole, what actually involves is to remove the sole’s half side from the front and then to replace it with some sort of new suitable rubber of your own choice. Mostly, in a lot of the cases, just the replacement of half of the sole is required and is supposed to be enough; however full resoling can be done if needed.

Climbing shoe resole is supposed to be very cheap in comparison to the case of buying new shoes for climbing. Moreover, there is no need for doing the difficult work to wear the newer climbing shoes once again. With this, the shoes which were considered to be broken can be got back; they are ready to be worn to go for climbing and are sticky as required. Another advantage is that the rubber that is to be used in resoling would be selected by you and it would be of your own choice; it would obviously the one that would be thought to be the best by you.

Time to go for resoling

First of all, it is a better idea to go for climbing shoe resole at an earlier time than to wait for longer. If you go for resoling at the right time, it would be something cheaper for you and your shoes will get a longer life. You need to check the area around the toe which is made up of rubber; this is the main area which is sensitive and needs to be checked for resoling. If the rubber in the region of toe is such that it is supposed to be about 75% thinner than the remaining parts, then it is the right time to go for the resoling. Risk should not be taken and resoling should be done at the earlier stage; if you do not go for it and the time passes than you probably more about us have to go for new climbing shoes, so yeah.