22/12/2013 17:40

Slide3IPL laser hair removal system is a treatment for removing both hair and treating the skin. The IPL isn’t a laser hair removal treatment per se. When an operation is done using the hand laser, it covers much larger areas than the small laser devices. The IPL head is large; it does not take long to treat an area. Its benefits are removing hair and taking care of the skin at the same time.

Laser hair removal Merrylands is the treatment of unwanted hair for many people. An IPL is a device used to spray laser light on the skin containing unwanted hair and targeting the follicles. The light will transform into heat energy prior to reaching the hair follicle. The follicle is destroyed by the heat energy thus stopping the hair from growing back. IPL reduces growth of hair.

IPL system is safe when used on the body. The treatment works well and that’s why many people choose IPL more than laser hair removal. IPL also treats skin problems like acne, sun damage and discolorations. IPL targets skin issues by helping lighten the darkened areas. Laser light tends to be attracted mostly by the darker areas on the skin, thus making treatment more successful. A professional doctor will know how to check which areas of the skin need to lightened.

The IPL device can stimulate collagen production. Impulses of light strike the skins fibroblast, thus increasing the number of collagens in production. A youthful appearance of the skin has more collagen. The cause of wrinkles in older skin is precisely the reduction of the collagen production. Physicians have found that the increase in the production of collagen is as a result of the IPL treatment of the skin. Patients often seek the physician’s advice on the ways of bring their lost youthful skin appearance.

Laser hair removal makes the skin look younger with the help of the IPL laser removal device. Most patients and clients have already heard of the break-through in technology and this made them request the skin treatment from their respective technicians. IPL reduces the pain and discomfort when removal of hair is done. The technology mostly targets the darker pigments of the skin. click here for more info