The Investor-friendly IT Outsourcing Environment in Vietnam

27/07/2015 11:27

When “outsourcing” had been a first catchphrase for the people in the business world,  the countries of the Southeast Asia were the foremost competitors in this  industry. Among the countries that have vastly benefited out of the incessant influx of clients for outsourcing their jobs is  Vietnam.

Why Vietnam?

The most significant gain the investors enjoy as they choose Vietnam for their  outsourcing destination is the great savings of money as compared to other neighboring countries in Asia.  The most talented labor force can be hired at lower salaries. Additionally, they are very eager to upgrade themselves by better training. They are full of passion for acquiring higher and higher skills to grow their excellence.  And, these skilled professionals always ready to learn more and to prove themselves worthy even to the companies in abroad.

This is the reason why the foreign investors prefer Vietnam as IT Outsourcing service provider. The lots of talents queue up here to serve projects with their skills. They might be the best for

·         Accounting task

·         Customized Software Management

·         Creating a Website

·         Designing Games

And can also be extensive collection of IT-related work for the people incline to outsource their projects from Vietnam.  The Vietnam IT outsourcing industry has turned out to be a workable alternative to the investors. Hantor is one of the companies in Canada that is outsourcing their IT work from these outstanding Southeast Asian countries that follows the highly successful policy.

A Statistic    

Here is a brief statistic why the investors all throughout the world are scrambling  for IT outsourcing to Vietnam

·         From 1995 to 2008, 332 overseas IT firms  invested in the Vietnam IT related industry that  could bring  $2 Billion investment.

·          By 2013, the total investment in IT in the software industry of Vietnman reached  $3.5 billion approx.

·         In the 12,000 IT businesses of Ho Chi Min city  currently earn $1.9 billion that adds more or less 40% of the revenue of Vietnam’s revenue.

·         Some of the major IT Companies like Hantor, Bayer, Sony, BMG Alcatel-Lucent, Oracle are using  Vietnam software outsourcing firms for their companies.