The PAT testing course

15/01/2015 21:26


This is one of the courses which your organization cannot afford to miss. This is such a course which if implemented would be very beneficial for the overall safety of the organization.

The importance of PAT Testing

The Pat testing is a remarkable course which your company should not miss. The term electricity plays a vital role in our day to day life without which we cannot think. We just cannot imagine a world without electricity as our major day to day activities depend on it.

The PAT Testing Course

This particular course makes one’s business eligible to have your own PAT Testing Training. This primarily takes into consideration the handling of the electrical equipments and the awareness of the entire electrical world. Electricity is a boon for us if handled properly but could be a curse if not handled with care. The course fully explains the precautions to be taken and the methods to be implemented.

The key features of the Pat Testing Training are as follows

  1. The course is of one day duration and is suitable for all. You may not have a previous electrical experience. The student takes theory in the morning and practical in the afternoon.
  2. This course covers the hazards and the importance of electricity with implications on the key factors.
  3. It takes a detailed study of electrical theory and its implementation in an effective manner along with the practical applications.
  4. This involves the categorization of appliances 1, 2 and 3 and their use in the business.
  5. Makes you learn about the conduction of visual inspection and its effects.
  6. Teaches about the IET Code of Practice
  7. It involves regulation requirements with other major applications.
  8. Tells you about the mandatory and other optional tests.
  9. Teaches the use of PAT tester and its applications in various forms
  10.  This is ideally for a single batch of 3 people and is very brief. The best thing about this course is its short duration.